Litter Pick & Informal survey

On Sunday 20 March, as part of national Litter Pick Week, we – that is the Sopwell Residents Association – organised our annual litter pick in Sopwell.

This year we included the Nunnery Green Space because we wanted the place to look at its best for the official opening of the new boardwalk on Thursday 24 March.

As usual, St Albans District Council provided the tools: gloves, litter pickers and bags to use, and also arranged for the litter collected to be picked up by its waste management contractor, Enterprise, from an agreed location.

We had a good group of helpers with more than the usual lot turning up. (Note: not all of them are in the photo, e.g. Jack, Peter W and at least two more are missing, plus our photographer, Sandy N, of course!)

During the litter pick we were able to ask walkers what they thought about the new boardwalk. The vast majority said they liked it. Some even said they liked it a lot!

One elderly lady who had walked all the way from Mile House Lane, past the golf course, said that now she could be confident to walk to St Albans and back in Spring without having to worry if the path would be flooded or muddy, stopping her from getting through.

A few preferred the original natural state of the path but at least one of them agreed that it would probably be all right once the boardwalk had weathered a bit and didn’t look so new anymore.

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